About God is my Light

The First Understanding in Truth is:
All of Creation is one entity; is God! Amen.

This is the First Truth, the First Law, that governs the entire Universe. All other Truths, all other Laws, exist as a result of this Understanding. God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. God is, was, and will ever be. God is the Infinite Creator.

There is no religion in the Heavens, or upon the Earth, only the Adoration of God.

God is my Light is based upon the Testimony of the 'Revelations of Kelaiah', as found within "God is my Light: Three books of Kelaiah" and the "Sevenfold Teaching".

As most of the writings of the true Teachings and Testimony of the Prophets have been corrupted by the ego of man, we also understand there are remnants of the Truth within the Scriptures of Israel, the Testimony of the first 'Anointed One', Yeshua the Nazirene, of the true writings of the followers of Yeshua, and within the remnants of Truth as found within the literature of many other world religions. We compare these writings to the 'Revelations of Kelaiah' and where the Truths are verified, we cherish their Wisdom as 'Guidance by the Disposition of Angels'.

The God is my Light believes in the Unity of Brethren, as was taught by the original followers of Yeshua the Nazirene, before his Testimony and Teachings were corrupted. These original followers were called the Nazirenes, or the Ebionites. They were of Judaic origin and followed the Laws and the Prophets, as Yeshua instructed.

Today, the God is my Light carries on their traditions, as this is the example, and the story, that God gave to Humanity through the generations of Israel.

As found in the 'Revelations of Kelaiah', the story is such:

'Humanity walked with God.
Humanity forgot how to walk with God.
Humanity was given the Teachings.
Humanity corrupted the Teachings.
Humanity was reminded by the Prophets.
Humanity was given a man as an example.
God completed the Teachings of our Potential.'
     As written in "Testimony of two Witnesses"

That person who God has 'given a man as an example' was Yeshua the Nazirene.

God is my Light recognizes personal Salvation through Righteousness. We recognize that Righteousness is the path of the Light of God. We recognize the equality of every person, male and female. We recognize that only God should be given Adoration. We recognize the Unity of God and the Unity of Brethren, as we have all things in common through God, our Infinite Creator.

And, since we understand Yeshua the Nazirene to be the 'model' of our life, we choose to model our lives after his example, so that we might live our full Potential and be bestowed the Blessings of God as we walk in the Light of His Love.

'He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.'
     1John 2:6 of the Roman Canon


Join us, as we walk in the Light and Love of God.

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